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Facility Rules and Procedures

A. Customer, its employees and/or representatives (hereinafter "Customer") agrees to adhere to and abide by all security and safety measures established from time to time by Biztransdata.

B. Customer shall conduct themselves within the Facility in a professional manner at all times.

C. Customer shall not interfere with or use, without authorization, any property or equipment of any other Biztransdata customer.

D. Customer shall not misuse or abuse any third party equipment or property in the Facility.

E. Children are not permitted in the Facility.

F. Food or liquids are not permitted in the Facility, other than in specifically-designated areas.

G. Smoking is prohibited in the Facility.

H. Customer shall keep the Customer Area free at all times of debris, paper, cardboard, packaging materials, and other refuse by placing such items in the containers provided or in a designated area for removal. Equipment shall only be stored in the Customer Area. Equipment and supplies are not permitted to sit on any colocation floor area, the Customer Area floor, or on any ventilated tiles. All open floor space shall remain open and not used for storage of any items. Customer shall at no time place any object under the raised floor or hang any object from the ceiling tile.

I. Customer shall only plug Customer Equipment into electrical and bandwidth circuits assigned to Customer and under no circumstances shall Customer access junction boxes or power gutters. Customer shall not make any electrical connection other than to the Biztransdata-assigned power strips. All electrical connections shall be run in the ladder rack or power strips provided by Biztransdata. Customers shall run all circuitry in accordance with National Electric Code standards ("NEC Standards").

J. If notified by Biztransdata of an overload condition constituting 80% - 90% of NEC Standards, Customer shall promptly correct such overload condition and in no event later than seven (7) days from receipt of such notice. When contacted by Biztransdata regarding an overload condition in excess of 90% of NEC Standards, Customer shall promptly correct such overload condition and in no event later than three (3) days from receipt of such notice. Biztransdata shall not be liable for any damage to Customer Equipment or outage resulting from an overload condition exceeding 80% of NEC Standards, occurring after notification of such condition is received by Customer.

K. Customer shall store all loose items (e.g., unused wire, cabling, nuts, bolts, etc.) in noncombustible containers. Biztransdata reserves the right, at any time, to inspect and reject, in its sole and reasonable discretion, the form and location of any such containers within the Customer Area.

L. To ensure integrity and maintenance of inventory records/control, Customer must log all incoming and outgoing hand-carried equipment at the Facility access point prior to accessing the Customer Area.

M. Customer shall not block access to any exits, fire alarm boxes, and fire-extinguishing equipment.

N. Customer shall not store any paper products or other combustible/flammable materials of any kind in the Facility (other than equipment manuals).

O. Customer shall not bring any of the following prohibited materials into the Facility:

Photographic or recording equipment of any kind - NO cameras are permitted with the exception of Client-installed and maintained cameras located in and exclusively recording Client's dedicated cage area, which installation shall require the written consent of Biztransdata, not to be unreasonably withheld. Notwithstanding the foregoing, devices such as cellular phones containing a camera shall be permitted provided the camera portion of such device is not utilized in the Facility.WeaponsExplosivesHazardous or combustible materialsAlcohol, illegal drugs, and other intoxicantsElectro-magnetic devices that could interfere with computer and telecommunications equipmentRadioactive materials

P. Customer shall not utilize its own security equipment, including, but not limited to locks, card readers, and/or cameras without the prior written consent of Biztransdata. To the extent Biztransdata consents to any such security equipment, Customer shall provide Biztransdata a key or card, as the case may, to ensure that Biztransdata maintains access at all times to the Customer Area. If requested by Customer, any necessary security equipment may be purchased from Biztransdata at the then-current Biztransdata rates.

Q. When shipping items to the Facility and provided sufficient space allows, Customer shall have five (5) days following Biztransdata's notification of receipt sent to Customer at Customer's e-mail contact address of record to claim and relocate said items from the Biztransdata-designated Shipping/Receiving area to the Customer Area. In the event sufficient Shipping/Receiving area space is not available or Customer fails to claim and relocate said items within such five (5) day period, Biztransdata shall remove any such shipped items to an alternate, secure location within the Facility. Customer shall notify Biztransdata of any large shipments in advance to allow Biztransdata to prepare pallet jacks, carts, and trash bins as may be necessary.