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Acceptable Use Policy

Business Transaction, Inc. has formulated this Acceptable Use Policy in order to encourage the responsible use of Business Transaction, Inc.'s services by our customers and other users ('Users'), and to enable us to provide our Users with secure, reliable and productive services.

General Conduct

The Business Transaction, Inc. network, including the web sites hosted by Business Transaction, Inc. (collectively, the 'Business Transaction, Inc. Network'), may be used only for lawful purposes. Users may not use the Business Transaction, Inc. Network in order to transmit, distribute or store material (a) in violation of any applicable law, (b) in a manner that will infringe the copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property rights of others or the privacy, publicity or other personal rights of others, or (c) that is obscene, threatening, abusive or hateful, including the advocating of terrorism and/or the killing of any individual or group.

Adult Content

Business Transaction, Inc. will cooperate fully with any criminal investigation into a Customer's violation of the Child Protection Act of 1984 concerning child pornography. Customers are ultimately responsible for the actions of their clients over the Business Transaction, Inc. network, and will be liable for illegal material posted by their clients. According to the Child Protection Act, child pornography includes photographs, films, video or any other type of visual presentation that shows a person who is or is depicted as being under the age of eighteen years and is engaged in or is depicted as engaged in explicit sexual activity, or the dominant characteristic of which is the depiction, for a sexual purpose, of a sexual organ or the anal region of a person under the age of eighteen years any written material or visual representation that advocates or counsels sexual activity with a person under the age of eighteen years. No credits will be issued for any interruption in service resulting from policy violations. Violations of the Child Protection Act may be reported to the U.S. Customs Agency at

System and Network Security

Users are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of the Business Transaction, Inc. Network, including, without limitation, (a) accessing data not intended for such User or logging into a server or account which such User is not authorized to access, (b) attempting to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network or to breach security or authentication measures without proper authorization, (c) attempting to interfere with service to any user, host or network, including, without limitation, via means of overloading, 'flooding', 'mail bombing' or 'crashing', (d) forging any TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header information in any e-mail or newsgroup posting, or (e) taking any action in order to obtain services to which such User is not entitled. Violations of system or network security may result in civil or criminal liability. Business Transaction, Inc. will investigate occurrences which may involve such violations and may involve, and cooperate with, law enforcement authorities in prosecuting Users who are involved in such violations.

Operating System End Of Life

Customer agrees that it shall not utilize an operating system platform which has been declared by its manufacturer or creator, or determined by Business Transaction, Inc. to be End of Life (EOL). An EOL operating system platform typically means that no further changes to the platform will be made, no new releases or patches created, support for the platform ends, no testing is performed after the EOL date, and no technical support provided. Since the use of an EOL operating system exposes a Customer to unknown and unpreventable vulnerabilities, to the extent that a Customer elects to utilize an EOL operating system, such use shall only be permitted provided Customer executes the then-current form of Business Transaction, Inc. EOL Operating System Waiver.


Users may not send unsolicited e-mail messages, including, without limitation, bulk commercial advertising or informational announcements ('spam') in a way that could be reasonably expected to adversely impact the Business Transaction, Inc. Network, including, without limitation, using an e-mail account on Business Transaction, Inc.'s network to send spam or bulk e-mail, or using the service of another provider to send spam or to promote a site hosted on or connected to the Business Transaction, Inc. Network. In addition, Users may not use the Business Transaction, Inc. Network in order to (a) send e-mail messages which are excessive and/ or intended to harass or annoy others, (b) continue to send e-mail messages to a recipient that has indicated that he/she does not wish to receive them, (c) send e-mail with forged TCP/IP packet header information, (d) send malicious e-mail, including, without limitation, 'mail bombing', (e) send or receive e-mail messages in a manner that violates the use policies of any other internet service provider, or (f) use an e-mail box exclusively as a storage space for data (g) Offering for sale or soliciting e-mail lists for the purposes of bulk e-mail.


Users who post messages to Usenet newsgroups are responsible for becoming familiar with any written charter or FAQ governing use of such newsgroups and complying therewith. Regardless of such policies, Users may not (a) post the same message, or a series of similar messages, to one or more newsgroups (excessive cross-posting or multiple-posting, also known as 'Usenet spam'), (b) cancel or supersede posts not originally posted by such User, unless such User does so in the course of his/her duties as an official newsgroup moderator, (c) post any message with forged packet header information, or (d) post messages that are excessive and/or intended to annoy or harass others, including, without limitation, chain letters.

Suspension; Termination

Any User which Business Transaction, Inc. determines to have violated any element of this Acceptable Use Policy shall receive a written warning, and may be subject at Business Transaction, Inc.'s discretion to a temporary suspension of service pending such User's agreement in writing to refrain from any further violations; provided, however, that if Business Transaction, Inc. deems it necessary, it may immediately suspend or terminate such User's service without issuing such a warning. Users which Business Transaction, Inc. determines to have committed a second violation of any element of this Acceptable Use Policy shall be subject to immediate suspension or termination of service without further notice.


Business Transaction, Inc. takes no responsibility for any material input by others and not posted to the Business Transaction, Inc. Network by Business Transaction, Inc.. Business Transaction, Inc. is not responsible for the content of any other web sites linked to the Business Transaction, Inc. Network; links are provided as Internet navigation tools only.


Any User interacting with our site and providing Business Transaction, Inc. with name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, domain name or URL or any other personally identifiable information permits Business Transaction, Inc. to use such information for commercial purposes of its own, including contacting Users about products and services which may be of interest. For each visitor to our Web Site, our Web server recognizes only the visitor's domain name, not the e-mail address. We collect information volunteered by the visitor, such as form submittals and/or site registrations. This information is used to improve the content of our Web site, it is not shared with other organizations for commercial purposes. Any User who does not wish to receive further contacts from Business Transaction, Inc. should send Business Transaction, Inc. a specific request (i.e., stating do not use or do not share or both) by certified mail or by regular mail clearly marked 'Privacy-Urgent' addressed as follows:

Business Transaction, Inc.
13899 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 128
Miami, FL 33181
Phone: (888) 271-7187

Business Transaction, Inc. does not sell, rent or otherwise disclose its mailing lists to third parties.

Business Transaction, Inc. reserves the right to modify this Acceptable Use Policy at any time in its sole and absolute discretion.

(Rev. 11/01/13)