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Sometimes, a single line or even a single word speaks volumes about your business.

Business Transactions, Inc. officially launched in March of 2004 as a spin-off from a successful consulting company that provided knowledge management solutions for small businesses and government entities in the area of information technologies. We are a proud Miami, FL based company that employs a great US based staff and experienced management team to back the demands of our ever growing client base.


Our core network is located within the premises of Colohouse, one of the first hosting facilities in Miami. We also have two other POP locations in Miami, one being the Miami Data Vault and the other one being Nap of the Americas. Unlike most hosting providers, we own all of our server hardware, switches, routers and other infrastructure.

Just like our network being carrier neutral, our hardware is also neutral. We use Cisco equipment for routing, and Extreme equipment for switching. Our servers are a combination of Dells and SuperMicros. All power equipment we use are made by APC to ensure optimum performance, safety and reliability.


With a decade of combined knowledge and the passion for the work we do, we are able to care for our clients while continuing to grow our spectrum of services. To do so, we work quickly and efficiently to respond to every client's request as in both fast turnaround times and insource phone support.

Quality Support

Research design, questionnaire development, sample design, data collection and use of supplemental data.

Evaluation Research

Process and impact evaluation, market assessment and tracking, policy planning support, benchmarking, design and implementation of measurement and verification systems and support for global climate change mitigation activities.

Data Services

Database design, Web site development, data mining, database assessment and integration, database supplementation and data processing

Statistical Analysis

Multivariate models, market segmentation, cost-effectiveness models, conjoint and discrete-choice models, structural equation models, time-series forecasting, distribution fitting, population estimation, log linear models and survival analysis.

If you would like to find out more about our Marketing services, please let us know.