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Extend beyond individual virtual machine images running to full scale hybrid virtualization.

Eventhough Apache Cloudstack is our preferred deployment choice when it comes to cloud computing, we also offer deployment options for other platforms — CloudStack, OpenStack, vSphere and Hybrid Virtualization to create an agile, automated, and interoperable cloud environment.


Apache CloudStack is a Java-based project that provides a management server and agents (if needed) for hypervisor hosts so that you can run an IaaS cloud. Some, but not all, of the features and functionality provided by CloudStack:

  • Works with hosts running XenServer/XCP, KVM, and/or VMware ESXi with vSphere
  • Provides a friendly Web-based UI for managing the cloud
  • Provides a native API
  • May provide an Amazon S3/EC2 compatible API (optional)
  • Manages storage for instances running on the hypervisors (primary storage) as well as templates, snapshots, and ISO images (secondary storage)
  • Orchestrates network services from the data link layer (L2) to some application layer (L7) services, such as DHCP, NAT, firewall, VPN, and so on
  • Accounting of network, compute, and storage resources
  • Multi-tenancy/account separation
  • User management

In short, Apache CloudStack is a full-featured public or private, mature, enterprise-grade, fault tolerant, multi-hyerpvisor, production-ready IaaS cloud. Completely Open Source.

Why Virtualize?

Virtualizing your infrastructure lets you reduce costs while increasing the efficiency, utilization, and flexibility of your existing assets. With a single server functioning as multiple virtual servers, you can efficiently access and manage resources to reduce operations and systems management costs while maintaining needed capacity.

Why Cloudstack?

Choosing an affordable and flexible, on-demand, cloud-computing platform is crucial to achieve success in cloud computing. Apache CloudStack is simple to implement, yet massively scalable. It is flexiable to cope with demanding requirements and has ability to contribute to the solution going forward.

If you are not sure which configuration best fits your needs, or you would like help with capacity planning for your business or web site, please do not hesitate to contact our support staff for a no-obligation consultation.